Currie Technologies eZip E450

Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter Review

If you want to make your child happy on his or her birthday by granting his or her wish to have an electric scooter, then you may consider Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter.

Who Could Buy/Benefit from This Product?
This product is ideal for children aged 13 years old and above.
Currie Technologies eZip E450 Description Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter features a deck that can be used when the rider wants to stand. This electric scooter also comes with a detachable seat designed to provide comez450fort for longer rides. It also comes with 8-mile range and a maximum speed capacity of 15MPH. There is no problem in removing the seat because this product has a quick-disconnect scooter seat kit.

Other features are sturdy high-tension stainless steel deck, battery box that has non-slip ABS mastic with certain in-mold graphics, comfortable plush seat, frontal disc brake that has a power modulator, changeable speed twist handle and low-profile 10 inches road slick tires. It can carry a maximum weight of up to 240 pounds. With these features, Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter is considered as one of the best electric scooter models offered within the market.

Currie Technologies eZip E450 FeaturesWith an increased power capacitySlick but rugged styled tiresHead-turning graphicsInsistent powerboard designDC earth-magnet motor that has a power of 450 wattsEV-rated SLA form of battery that has plug-and-play style presented in nylon handled packageSpecial Currie PWM excellent force microprocessor controller24-volt fully-potted that has a relay guard and battery measureMaximum speed capacity of 15 MPH with 8-mile rangeWeight: 52 poundsRecharging time: 6 to 8 hoursWith 90 days warranty from the manufacturerProsez45011

The aesthetics that Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter has is absolutely captivating. There is no need to start this electric scooter manually. Thus, your child can use it right away. Also, it comes at a very affordable price. Its stability and force are very impressive and these qualities are still shown even when the rider uses this best electric scooter on grassy areas, hills and slopes. You can also use this as it comes with a maximum weight capacity of 240 pounds.


On the other hand, this product comes with certain disadvantages. Some customers who bought this product said that the box used in its shipment is not durable. Another one is that there are times that the new delivered scooters to some customers have minor dents or scratches. Its handle bar is not flexible based on the rider’s height. However, these issues are not a big deal and there are solutions for them. If the product delivered to you has scratches or dents, you should not accept it and send it back to the dealer and ask for a replacement.

Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter has 43 customer reviews and its average rating is 4.1 stars. There are more customers who shared positive thoughts about this electric scooter compared to those who gave negative feedbacks.

Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter is one of the best electric scooter models that you can purchase and give as a gift to your child. It comes with features that your child will surely appreciate. The performance and quality of this electric scooter are always guaranteed.

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How to use Razor Scooters

 What Are Razor Scooters?

Razor scooters are becoming really popular nowadays particularly for school kids. What are razor scooters? Why are they so popular? Are they safe for your kids?

They are compact folding type that has been on the market since 1999. They are very popular particular in the United States of America. They are mostly used as a toy and alternative for bicycles for kids; however, they can also be used for sports and razorE100even utility purposes.
There are many different styles and design that you can choose from. They are not only for boys but they are for girls as well. In fact, most children who are going to nearby schools would rather use razor scooters than bikes.


They are popular for many different reasons like the ones that follow:

They are portable. They are easy to carry. Even kids will not have a hard time carrying them after use. They can easily be stored in lockers or even bags.
They are perfect for short trips. If you are just going somewhere near, using them will be ideal.
For kids, they are used to impress friends. It gives them some sort of freedom that they can go where they want to go.
They are fun to ride. Even if you don’t intend to go somewhere and you just want to have fun, you can ride razor scooters.
Are Razor Scooters Safe For Kids? They are actually produced for kids. They have been created with kids in mind. This means that they are meant to be safe to be used by kids. However, the fact remains that there are risks involved in the use of razor scooters. They are speedy. They have wheels that have low friction and roll freely. The wheels are made of polyurethane. This is the main reason why there are injuries and accidents associated to razor scooters.

The most common accidents that can happen are the following:
Tripping – Sometimes kids don’t see that there are things on the way which can cause them to trip. They can get too excited and neglect to check their way first.
Falling Over – Sometimes kids lose balance and fall over. This can cause minor wounds on the knees and elbows. If the fall is somewhat serious, it can cause major injuries. And what’s worst is that if the head hits the ground or something that is on the way, this can cause serious head injury.
Collision – Sometimes kids can’t control the speed so they collide on posts, walls, people, or other things. If they are on the streets, there is the risk of hitting a car or getting hit by one.
How To Ensure Safety In The Use Of Razor Scooters

These accidents and injuries can be avoided. Here are ways to ensure your kids’ safety:
Use the right type and size of razor scooters. There are many different types and sizes. Make sure that your kids use the right one suited for them.
Let your kids wear safety gears when riding. They should have a helmet to protect the head, elbow pads to protect the elbows, Micro-3-in-1-kids-wiggle-scooter-and knee pads to protect the knees.
Before you let your kids ride outside, make sure that you have oriented them first about what to do and what to avoid when riding their razor scooters. They should know how to protect themselves from potential accident or injury.
Check the razor scooters first. Make sure that no part is faulty.
Always remind your kids to stay on the pedestrian lane and not where the cars and trucks are.
So, are razor scooters safe for kids? Yes, they are safe for kids as long as you also do your part in ensuring the safety of your kids when using their razor scooters.

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